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Can I smoke Delta-8 in public?

The question of whether or not Delta-8 is legal to smoke in public places is a complicated one. To most people, Delta-8 is still marijuana. It may be legal in your state, but public acceptance is a separate issue. Delta-8, also known as “delta-8 THC”, is a psychoactive cannabinoid that can be found in cannabis. Delta-8, like other synthetic cannabinoids, are not allowed to be smoked at all. All of the ingredients used for the drug are extracted from plants and herbs so it can’t combust without a flame or lighter. It also means that there is no odor emitted when smoking this drug which makes it easier for people to get away with using it in public places where tobacco cigarettes would be banned.

First off, it’s illegal to sell or provide Delta-8 in any form other than for research purposes under federal law. Secondly, you cannot openly display the product such as smoking on a street corner or vaping outside of your home.

Public smoking laws prohibit it. You can’t smoke any cannabinoid in a public area that is not designated for the use and consumption of tobacco products. That includes restaurants, bars, parks, schools and other places where smoking is prohibited by law or regulation. This prohibition applies to cigarettes as well as marijuana cigarettes like Delta-8. If you’re caught smoking Delta-8 near an establishment with a “no smoking” sign posted on the door or anywhere else where it’s illegal to light up a cigarette or cannabis joint then you could be facing fines or jail time depending on your city’s laws.

Even in states where it is legal, law enforcement may take you in, or your Delta-8 product might be illegal because the laws vary from state to state. The laws vary by state and municipality so you should check with your local authorities for more information on where you can or cannot smoke Delta-8.