Can Delta 8 and Delta 9 mix?

Delta 8 and Delta 9 are two forms of THC. However, the delta-9 form is the psychoactive component that gets people high while Delta 8 does not produce a psychoactive effect. So can they mix? Well, it’s complicated because there are different types of products out on the market which some may contain both D8 and D9 in varying amounts. However, the best way to take them together varies depending on which one you’re taking for what reason.


Delta 8 THC, which is found in the cannabis plant at much lower quantities, also binds with C2B receptors. However, it typically binds to CB2 receptors since they are most prevalent throughout the digestive tract and immune system.


Large amounts of Delta 9 THC are found in most strains of cannabis because it binds CB1 receptors, commonly found throughout the body and brain. The degree of this interaction is heightened by its double bond on the ninth carbon chain, which facilitates the formation of tight bonds with other molecules – allowing for greater potential reactions or side effects. This effect may help explain why we feel so relaxed when consuming cannabis – which has been shown to potentially reduce stress, sadness, and some types of discomfort.

So the answer to the question, can Delta 8 and Delta 9 mix? The answer is, yes, of course, you can mix your Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. If you purchase legally purchased Delta 9 THC and mix it with Delta 8, the effects of both cannabinoids will be more notable.

The delta 8 THC molecule, which has a subtle but important difference from the more popular and well researched delta 9 THC, produces similar psychoactive effects with less risk of anxiety or paranoia. Delta-8 THC is very similar to THC, but the primary difference is their chemical bonds. Delta 8 has a double bond on the eighth carbon chain while Delta 9 has the same double bond on the ninth carbon chain. The key difference lies in potency.

People often mix different strains of cannabis together to get the best experience. Remember that you can experiment, but remember your limits and always consult a medical professional before experimenting on yourself.