Author: Marvin Brewer

What to do with seeded bud?

If you are using cannabis regularly, you might have found buds in few areas of your stash and before throwing it out directly in the trash can, you can use it in various ways and you will be amazed by the results as well. Seeded bud can be formed due to various processes like light pollution, hermaphroditism, lack of growing cannabis growing abilities, or it can happen naturally. Seeded bud clearly means that your batchContinue reading

Secrets About Quick Drying Buds For Testing Only A Handful Of People Know

Drying buds is a slow process that may take you up to 3 weeks if you want it to be done correctly. But not everyone can wait that long. Some of us need an effective method for quick drying buds for testing, so we can sample buds before harvest There are various methods for this, yet not all of them are effective methods for quick drying your buds. Using too much intense heat or humidContinue reading

How to Use CBD Flower

What if you wanted to relax but not get high from smoking weed? Many of us want this because of different reasons. Maybe you just want to loosen up a bit while having your mind ready to take on a challenge. What if I tell you that it is possible to use cannabis to relax and not get high at the same time? This is where CBD flowers step in to save the day. TheseContinue reading