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What to do with seeded bud?

If you are using cannabis regularly, you might have found buds in few areas of your stash and before throwing it out directly in the trash can, you can use it in various ways and you will be amazed by the results as well. Seeded bud can be formed due to various processes like light pollution, hermaphroditism, lack of growing cannabis growing abilities, or it can happen naturally. Seeded bud clearly means that your batch has been pollinated and you can avoid wasting the good product just because you don’t know what to do with them.
Whenever you find a seeded bud, make sure to not smoke premature seeds and if you are really into growing cannabis than you can pick out the healthy seeds and experiment with them. There is a clear distinction between mature and immature seeds so you don’t have to get into a tricky process of segregation.

The mature seeds will be darker and larger in size and can be easily found in the seeded bud. However, immature seeds are quite difficult to find as they are so small and almost whitish in color. Seeded buds are not considered a top quality cannabis but you can consume it as edibles because it goes through the process of filtering anyways. After segregating the seeds, let’s jump into the few methods of utilizing seeded buds.

Pot plant

You got the seeds but accident and there is no harm in trying to grow your own cannabis plant so why not go for a pot crop and experiment with your plant cultivation skills. We obviously know that inexperienced hands can never yield high-quality cannabis but it can be really fun to just try out the luck. Who knows you might get lucky and have your own cannabis plant just sitting in the window.

Try the luck in your backyard

While you are almost throwing out the seeded buds or registering a complaint against the supplier, you can spread out the seeds in a wooded area that only you know. While you will be busy with your daily routines, there are possibilities that you might start noticing a patch of cannabis where you have dropped the seeds.

Sell the seeds

If you are getting frequent batches of seeded buds then you can also go with the option of saving the seeds. Due to a lack of knowledge and enthusiasm in the field, there is no sure way of leaning the type of cannabis seed. Healthy seeds surely help for the successful crop but you can never know what type of seed you are collecting. So, you can try your luck by stepping into the selling business and try to make some money with your seeded buds. But make sure one thing first that selling and purchasing of cannabis seeds are legal in the state that you are living otherwise it can be a felony and things might get different for you.

Secrets About Quick Drying Buds For Testing Only A Handful Of People Know

Drying buds is a slow process that may take you up to 3 weeks if you want it to be done correctly. But not everyone can wait that long. Some of us need an effective method for quick drying buds for testing, so we can sample buds before harvest. There are various methods for this, yet not all of them are effective methods for quick drying your buds. Using too much intense heat or humid environments are both ineffective. As they can make your bud lose its potency thus ruining your product. 

But don’t worry, there are some fewer known tips and tricks that work just as good and get your product dried enough for testing. Most people aren’t aware of these methods but are effective. Though these cannot be compared to regular drying, they get the work done and don’t damage the product.

Envelope and Ballasts

Take a completely dry brown paper bag or an envelope. Break your bud and put it in paper and place that paper bag or envelope over the ballast of a fluorescent light tube. If you don’t happen to have a light tube in your house, hang that bag near a hot bulb or at the back of your TV. The heat will be enough, and the paper will help consume any moisture. This way you’ll have your bud dried up in few hours.

Rice and Paper Technique

This method requires two steps. First, you need rice that’s completely dried up and shaken well, so there isn’t any dust on it. Then you put it in an open container through which air can flow smoothly. Take your bud and bury it in the rice and let it stay there for a whole day. Take out the bud and stir the rice every few hours and then place it back. After that, take the bud out and gently tap on it to remove any dust.

Second, you break the nug into small pieces and put them on a paper towel and let them dry or place them under a light to speed up the process.  

Paper and Car window

This method works well for people who live in sunny areas. Put broken pieces of your bud on a brown paper and place it on the dashboard of a car facing the sun. You can also use towel tissues for this. Any paper will absorb the moisture from the bottom and heat from the sun will be intensified a bit with the windshield, and the hot dashboard will provide further heat. You’ll have a dried product in 3-4 hours for testing. 

Glassbowl and Sunlight

You can also take a glass fish bowl and put some paper on its bottom. Place your broken nug on the paper and place the bowl under the hot sun. Bowl will intensify the heat and paper will absorb any moisture. Bowl will also make sure that air flows through and the bud doesn’t get blown away with the wind. 

Is microwaving a good idea?

Microwaves have no way for moisture to escape and can burn your weed, making its smoke horrible for taste. The same goes for blowdrying. These techniques are not that effective because they overheat the bud. If you have to use a microwave, make sure you only use it in ten-second intervals and keep repeating the process until you feel it’s dry enough. 


There you have it, some quick yet effective methods for drying your buds for testing. Although it is always advisable to dry for longer, these techniques work well and get you good results, making sure you get a quick dry sample without losing much potency or harming your product.

How to Use CBD Flower

What if you wanted to relax but not get high from smoking weed? Many of us want this because of different reasons. Maybe you just want to loosen up a bit while having your mind ready to take on a challenge. What if I tell you that it is possible to use cannabis to relax and not get high at the same time?

This is where CBD flowers step in to save the day. These flowers offer a unique blend of advantages. They are buds of cannabis with CBD, possessing all its relaxing benefits. They are low in THC and have approximately less than 0.3% THC. THC is the component that makes you high, while only CBD relaxes you physically. This relaxing effect makes CBD flowers unique for consumers that are only looking for the relaxing benefits. On top of that, they are legal to use in all states of America because of low THC contents. This means you can relax from smoking legal weed and not get high, all at the same time.

Guide on using CBD flowers

Now let’s come to the most crucial point. That is how you can prepare and consume CBD flowers for personal use. There are different ways to use them, yet not all of them are equally valid. It would be best if you had some caution, so you don’t accidentally waste your product or harm yourself. Let’s look at how you can prepare and safely smoke CBD flowers.

Determine the appropriate amount

The ideal dosage is different for different people. Start with small dosages and keep nudging up to find the right amount. This might seem obvious, but it’s crucial. Many starters waste a lot of expensive products by either letting it burn off or throwing still useable parts in the garbage. So, it’s always advisable to start with a short amount to see what fits you best and then move on as needed.

Proper Grinding

The flower nug needs to be adequately ground into even pieces. This way, heat is appropriately distributed, and you get good smoke from your ground product. You can crush it with your hands, but cheap grinders are available that make the job a lot easier, and better too. After it’s properly ground, you can use it in a vape, roll it in a joint or use it with a bong to consume it as you prefer.

The right method of consumption

Joints, Vaporizers, bongs, etc. are among the commonly used methods for smoking CBD flowers. Eating or baking is also frequent, but it is not that effective. Inhaling through all of these methods allow CBD to be instantly absorbed in the bloodstream. You may use it as you please, however, among all these, atomic vaporizers are preferred the most.

The reason is, even if you’re smoking weed– which is harmless as compared to the destruction of tobacco– there are still many toxins and carcinogens that come as a part of smoking. Vaping, on the other hand, gives you the ability to control the intensity of heat as per your throat, delivers more abundance of nutrients, and is free from toxins or carcinogens.

Inhaling properly

To get the most out of your CBD flowers, you need to pay attention to how you inhale. Inhale deeply in such a way that ⅔ portion of your lungs contains smoke and the remaining portion air. Puff mindfully so it doesn’t feel like a race. Also, holding the smoke longer than necessary won’t maximize the benefits. Keeping it in for 1 second or even 5 seconds will have the same effect.


CBD flowers are excellent stress relievers that operate without interfering with your cognition. While there may be some confusion at the beginning, but there’s nothing that can’t be learned. After all, it all depends on personal taste and preferences, but with time you’ll get the hang of it and start enjoying CBD flowers in their full potential as perfect stress relievers.