What is Caviar Gold?

You may have heard about Caviar Gold, though, wasn’t sure what it is. We would like to tell you more about us. But first — let’s learn more about the Caviar Gold Strain…

Caviar Gold Strain

The Caviar Gold Strain is a type of hemp-derived flower that is awesome to enjoy. The strain contains THC, though our CBD flower contains THC under the federally legal limit (which is under .3% THC). For legally licensed dispensaries, we offer the Caviar Gold Meds Strain which is beyond the .3% THC amount — consult with us to learn more if your dispensary qualifies for our higher THC flower.

Caviar Gold Meds was Born

To accommodate the requests to provide you with options when you’re looking for hemp flower to smoke, we bring you options. On the Caviar Gold Meds Blog, we highlight some of the common questions and concerns we hear from new customers at dispensaries.

The Caviar Gold Meds Lifestyle Brand

Over the years, we have positioned the site to become a lifestyle brand, and we’re glad to have you here. Feel free to check out some of the highlight reel of celebrities that vouch for the brand, and recognize this is a MOVEMENT!

Our Story

At an early age, we experimented with using marijuana flower and we’re fortunate to live in an age where we can live out our dreams and smoke a lot of it. With the legalization of CBD flower, we saw an opportunity to take the brand to a new level for national exposure.

As more US States are adopting some type of use of legal marijuana (whether it’s recreational or medical), we have positioned our brand to leverage multiple angles in the cannabis industry. Being the position we are now, we strive to bring a level of professionalism to this industry and give the people what they want — high quality flower, and a brand to go with it!